In this application you will have access to the oracle cards and the work by Annette Laurenze Sunde, a Norwegian visual artist. Annette is the writer and creator of the best-selling oracle card decks “Spiritual Awakening”, “The Healing”, “Everyday Oracles” and latest «Sensitive Soul».

In the year 2000, an inner awakening opened Annette to spiritual sensing and an awareness that has remained with her ever since. The cards’ messages have been channelled from this source. This means that many people feel how the text and the images speak to them with compassion and love. The reviews has been overwhelming throughout the years!

The cards are now available in both Norwegian and English.

Please feel free to watch the 4 minute userguide video and introduction to this app. Enjoy!

Userguide video 

Åndelig Våkenhet - Norske Orakel kort

    What are the benefits for using oraclecards?

    Oracle cards can:

    • Inspire you to be brave and live more authentic.
    • Provide support in challenging situations and help you make good and wise decisions.
    • Give answers and new perspective to everyday problems.
    • Guide you on your healing journey, through increased self-understanding and new awareness.
    • Help you release old and unhealthy patterns.
    • Help you make better choices.
    • Become more loving towards yourself and others.
    • Over time, oracle cards can help you unleash much more of your potential and live a happy life.


    The Oracle triology: Spiritual Awareness (2017) Pearls of Healing (2019) Everyday Oracle (2020)

    Learn more about Spiritual Awareness 

    Hverdags Orakler kort

    Spiritual Awareness – 62 cards – 2017

    This if the first Oracle deck created by Annette. It works great for internal guidance in small and large issues. The cards can inspire and arouse intuition. They can support, motivate and help you understand your self better and live your authentic self. Spiritual Awareness may provide comfort and support when you are in difficult situations and emotions, and encourage healthy changes and growth. 

    The deck quickly became popular and have lots of happy users. Instruction for use is inside app. For physical decks: inside guidebook.


    Experience these cards yourself by joining the app!

    Learn more about Pearls of Healing 

    Hverdags Orakler kort

    Pearls of Healing – 44 cards – 2019

    Effective cards for recovery from scapegoating and abuse. The cards can increase your awareness of unfortunate or unhealthy patterns and selfbelieves. They can help you stand up for your self, practise good boundaries and self-respect. The cards can contribute to self-healing and many positive changes in life for everyone. Contains many exercises and affirmations.

    Pearls of Healing are particulary effective when dealing with shame and guilt issues. Instruction for use is inside app. For physical decks: inside guidebook.


    Experinece these cards yourself by joining the app!

    Learn more about Everyday Oracle  

    Hverdags Orakler kort

    Everyday Oracle – 71 cards – 2020


    This is the third deck and the most popular one. It is simple and down-to-earth, and suits most people. Pick a card for advice, help and inspiration in ordinary situations. The oracles are magically accurate and could become a valuable support in your everyday life.

    They are intuned with the now, and many people say it`s like talking to a guru. Instruction for use is inside app. For physical decks: inside guidebook.

    Experinece these cards yourself by joining the app!

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    I am so grateful to be able to share the oracles

    with all of you!

    Thank you so much!

    I hope you will join the oracle app. I would be so happy to have you onboard. You are very much welcome to explore the app in seven days for free! If you have any question, please send me a message!

    Love and Kindness 

    Annette Laurenze Sunde




    The cards have been life-changing for me. I have a completely different sense of security inside myself, in addition to when I didn’t have these cards. I have been able to work with things in my subconscious that I previously did not have the prerequisite to even understand was possible to change / process…. I have frankly got brand new life!

    Tone Anett Øverli

    Everyday Oracle were everything I hoped for and so much more… It was not many days until I had my friends over. And I said I had found some new fantastic oracle cards, and asked if they were ready for some guidance, which of course they were. None of us had experienced anything like this before. We were completely blown away! The only thing we could say was wow…. wow…. wow. None of us had received such clear and distinct messages before. Nor at least, we had never experienced such a wonderful wording of the text. So dear Annette, thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

    Vigdis Gustavsen

    First impressions of the latest cards Everyday Oracles are empowering. It feels like I’ve got my own Guru in my house. The cards are very direct. The energy feels to me like coming from a strict and loving master who shows me what I have to work with. This deck is a wonderful guide to developing and spiritually progress! Annette’s cards are unique, deep and stand out from other oracle cards through a combination of psychological and spiritual guidance at its best!

    Anita Angelica Meyer

    My girlfriend Annette! You have received a valuable gift to be a messenger for these wonderful cards. Thank you for sharing this gift with us. The cards give me comfort, strength and answers when life feels bewildered. Namaste

    Cathrine Aasvold Grønvold

    Wow! What a fantastic oracledeck Annette has created with deep meaningful channeled messages that provide insight into growth and awakening. It is a real joy and pleasure to work with these oracles. Beautiful illustrations, each of the cards as amazing work of art. A majestic experience. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

    Ma Tara Palmo

    The cards shed a light on one’s dilemmas in a very positive and constructive way and form the basis for good conversations. We were a group that cried and hugged each other, as the cards drew important points and touched everyone. They are so wise.

    Georg Vervik

    Spiritual awakening oracle deck is a «must have» in my life. I pull cards every morning, I have done that for several years now. The cards are also good for reflecting my energies. If I have good energies, I get good cards, and if I have things I have to work with, the cards reflect that. The cards also make me more aware of myself. To me, they are as important as eating breakfast. Highly recommended!


    I have had many decks through the years, but when I got these, they surpassed all those I have had, beautiful energy in the cards, great illustrations and wonderful messages. Have all 3 decks and they are the  only oraclecards I use.

    Tove Norvoll

    Fantastic cards that hit the note every time! Easy to use and I think the cards have a comfortable energy. Highly recommended!


    The best cards with perfectly worded text in an understandable, loving way. Provides energy and joy to my life. Thank you very much!

    Mona M Gran Nilsen

    Everyday Oracles are a fantastic tool for self-development when you need answers to questions. The illustrations are super nice and the guidebook that comes with it is easy to understand, and so heartwarming. I get happy when I use these cards!

    Hilde Opsahl

    This is worth investing in. Credible message and great guidance in different life situations. They are my best friend and are always there for me. Highly recommended!


    © 2022 – Annette Laurenze Sunde

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